Why SEO?

Why SEO?

SEO is an on-going job. When you are developing a new website, there are many areas to be considered for search engine optimization (SEO), such as: title tag, page loading speed, keyword in content etc. Every part of the initial SEO plan is equally important, but it is necessary to consider SEO as an on-going element to your website strategy, and not just a "once-and-forever".

Search Engine such as Google change algorithm periodically. Every year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times. Without continuous update and learning the changes of Search engines algorithm, your website may drop dramatically overnight when there is algorithm changes.

Why Choose Maximus?

  • Without an experienced and responsible SEO consultant, your website could be at risk to be banned by Google if Google find your SEO tactics is unacceptable, such as keyword stuffing, URL cloaking or links spamming. We only adopt SEO tactics that allowed by Google and we follow the Google Webmaster Guideline.

  • We are pioneer of SEO services since year 2003. Unlike other so call SEO company or consultant who actually outsource their jobs to India or Philippine, we are 100% Malaysian and all the SEO job are done by us hands-on.

We offer various SEO packages depending on customer's budget and objectives. Kindly enquire with us so that we can understand your needs better and propose SEO plan that is most suitable for your website.

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