Web & Email Hosting

Web & Email Hosting

Maximus understands that you demand more from your web host provider. We know you are tired of empty promises and undelivered services. In fact we built our core business model around these simple facts! Whether you need hosting for your business or your personal site, Maximus will be there for you.

  • i. Linux Hosting

    The reliability, speed, and functionality of Linux Hosting are unrivalled. Industry-leading performance and support at an affordable price are the hallmarks of Linux Hosting. See your site statistics and get superior account management through our web-based control panel.

  • ii. E-Mail Hosting

    If you do not need a website and only require email hosting services, this low cost plan will suit you. Your email address will be yourname@yourbusiness.com. This plan comes with both POP3 support and a webmail interface. Meaning, you can choose to download email using your favourite email client, e.g. Outlook, Eudora, etc. Or you can login to our easy webmail interface when you're on the road, at the library or cybercafé. Also, you can create your own email forwarding, aliases and mailing lists anytime using our control panel. Latest features include antivirus and antispam protection. The number of email accounts you can have is unlimited. You set the disk quote of each email account yourself.

  • iii. Dedicated Server

    If you need high performance hosting, our dedicated server will meet your match. Our Dedicated Server hosting gives you complete control to the whole server. With full administrative access, you will have great fun with the server - from selecting the choice of operating system, customized software installations, to the configurations of various performance parameters - all this can be geared to deliver fast business result and expand your business growth quickly.