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Are You Ready To Rank On Google's Next Generation Search Engine - "Google SGE"?

What is Google SGE?

Google SGE (Search Generative Experiences) is the fusion of Google Search and AI answers. When you type queries or keywords in the Google search field, Google responds with AI-generated answers which are above the regular search results. (see picture below). If you've used ChatGPT or Google Bard (Gemini AI) before, you'll understand how the AI answer look like.

When will Google SGE launch?

Currently Google SGE is in the experimental stage, and it is expected to launch in 2024 or 2025.

Why is Google SGE important?

Google SGE will have a significant impact on SEO and user behavior. People will rely more on AI-generated answers in Google SGE and may be less interested in scrolling down the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to find answers on various websites. This shift poses a major challenge for SEO agencies to optimize for Google SGE.

How to make Google SGE or Google AI favor your website?

Google SGE is a game-changing algorithm in Google Search history. No one knows exactly what Google SGE wants, especially as it is still in the experimental stage and will be fine-tuned over time. Nevertheless, in mid-2023 when Google introduced Bard AI (Now is called Google Gemini AI), we conducted countless tests and identified some patterns that Google Bard favored. We believe these patterns are also implemented in Google SGE. In November 2023, when Google SGE opened to Asian countries, including Malaysia, we conducted numerous tests too and found that some patterns are similar to those favored by Google Bards. For example, in Google SGE and Google Bard (Gemini AI), when Google AI suggests answers, 70% to 80% of them come from the content of the top 20 listings in Google SERP, with websites having more positive reviews (either from Google, Facebook, or other platforms). Anyway, we believe that this finding is just a piece of the small puzzle of how the Google SGE algorithm works.

What can Maximus' SEO do for Google SGE?

As one of the SEO pioneers in Malaysia since 2002, Maximus has continuously adapted to changes in Google's algorithms. From Local SEO to Google Rank Zero (feature snippets) to Google SGE, we always stay one-step ahead of other SEO providers in Malaysia.

Even though Google SGE is still in the experimental stage, we have successfully assisted some our clients in ranking on Google SGE/Google AI for some general keywords, as shown below:

Some of our clients are recommended in Google SGE / Google AI :

From what we observed, Google SGE is sensitive to wording changes. Even keywords with singular or plural forms, or the addition of prepositions such as "in," "of," etc., can result in Google AI generating different answers. Additionally, the AI response may vary based on the searcher's search history and browser cookies

While we can't guarantee that a website will stay permanently in Google SGE AI answers, we are confident in increasing the possibilities of your website being recommended by Google SGE. For more information, you can browse our Google SEO Service Package here.

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